Aunt Mae's Story

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Excitement in the kitchen…

Growing up in rural Central California, best friends Antonette and Diane would eagerly anticipate every Christmas Eve for more reasons than the usual. Why? Because that’s when Aunt Mae (which is what all the kids in their neighborhood called Antonette’s mom) always made her rich, creamy Toffee.

No matter how blustery was the weather outside, the young girls would giggle and gape inside the cozy warmth of Aunt Mae’s kitchen as they watched her make her very special Toffee. They knew that bite after bite of sweet, buttery goodness was just moments away. No matter how many batches Aunt Mae would make, her candy was so well-known that family, friends, neighbors and folks from all over the community would eat up every last crumb in almost no time at all.

Today, using the recipe passed on by Aunt Mae herself, Antonette and Diane continue her treasured Christmas Eve tradition from all those years ago. Aunt Mae’s Toffee is still lovingly made by hand, batch after batch – using ingredients that are fresh from the dairy and direct from the farm down the road. Best of all, you don’t have to wait until Christmas Eve to enjoy Aunt Mae’s Toffee. It’s easy to make every day a holiday by ordering online right here.

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